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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I'm Billing Time... Why a Blog?

Another law blog? Why? Who reads them? What are we trying to accomplish?

There are millions of blogs out there and even thousands pertaining to the law and legal system. So many, that they even coined the phrase "blawging". So all these questions you have are legitimate. The answer is that we hope our posts peak your interest, keep you thoroughly entertained, and help you learn something along the way.

A question many people that seek counsel ask themselves is: why am I paying so darn much for a lawyer? There is even a humorous parody of Cyndy Lauper's famous "Time after Time", where they change the chorus to:

"If you come to my office or call my phone,
I'm billing time.
If you stop me at parties to whine and moan,
I'm billing time.
If I think of you when I am all alone,
I'm billing time.
If you're late for appointments,
I will be waiting and billing time."

It begs the question: Why am I paying him, and why do I need a lawyer in the first place?
We have a motto at our firm that we like to say over. A lawyer spends 85% of his time to take care of the 5% of the time things go wrong. Things don't always go wrong but when they do, boy is it screwed up. You have know idea how many people come into our offices and are already so deep in the mud that it will take much more time and money to correct the mistakes. We always recommend getting a lawyer first; before it hits the fan. But then again, we're a law firm. Don't just take my word for it. Ask anyone that has been involved in a business transaction, bought a house, or had words with the FBI. It always pays to talk to us first, before the problems stack up. While we will still be "billing time" initially; your sure to cut down the amount of billable hours.


Novak Juhase & Stern, LLP

Monday, November 17, 2014

Novak Juhase & Stern, To Present CLE Lecture

CLE Lecture for Continued Legal Education

Two of the partners at Novak Juhase & Stern will be presenting a lecture on The Mortgage Contingency Clause and Ethical Issues in Residential and Commercial Real Estate Contracts.

It will be presented by Alexander Novak and Kim Juhase. A 2-hour lecture to cover the following:

Ø  May the Buyer Apply to a Mortgage Broker?
Ø  How Soon Does the Buyer Need to Apply?
Ø  What if the Buyer Obtains a Commitment in a Different Amount than Provided in the Contract?
Ø  Conditional Commitments: Do they satisfy the contract?
Ø  Commitments Given, then Revoked by Lender
Ø  Ethical Issues Regarding the Mortgage Commitment Contingency Clause
Ø Ethical Issues in Residential and Commercial Real Estate Contracts: Duty to Communicate,            Retainers, Dealing with Opposing Counsel, and Truthfulness.

Location: Chase Abstract, 86 Columbia Ave. Cedarhurst, NY 11516
Time:      6:00 - 8:00 pm 
               Kosher Food will be served